Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Hard Out Here Bein' a Priest"

Apparently Monsignor John Woolsey will proceed to trial. His attempts to have the grand larceny charges thrown out against him were unsuccessful. The latest article on the case is here.

The Monsignor is accused of stealing more than $1 million from his upper east side parish and its parishoners of St. John the Martyr Church. The money was reportedly used for country club expenses, designer watches [at least the Monsignor had good taste!], trips to Florida, Spain and Vermont- I think the Monsignor is a skier- just going on the picture. The article also states that the accused is 67 years old. Man, does he look good for 67.

All in all, I think Fr. Walter Cuenin of Boston, who recently resigned from his parish under similar circumstances should be thanking his lucky stars and the Archbishop that he is not in the exact same situation. Given this case his treatment seems downright generous, in spite of what his supporters say.

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Tradcatholic said...

Sometimes I am tempted to think that some 'priests' are just glorified lazy bachelors living the good live without a real care in the world. What a life!! Do what you want, go where and when you like, answer to nobody unless you have an idea which rocks the archidiocese boat, collect your 'paycheck' and spend it on yourself, and have two complete days off each week without a care in the world except enjoying yourself! Thankfully, there is still a bit of testosterone around in the priesthood, which produces good strong priests who care only about God and helping His flock get to heaven. I guess we have to remember what St. Josemaria Escriva said: there are no bad priests - just priest for whom we do not pray enough. This priest certainly needs prayers - such a scandal---