Friday, March 03, 2006

McBrien Loses Grip on Reality

Fr. McBrien, fresh from beating a plagiarism rap comes out swinging hard. His target as always- the "conservative to ultra-conservative" as he terms those who are actually obedient to what the Church teaches.

In his article found here, Fr. McBrien attempts to divide us from the Holy Father that we prayed for and that we love. Fr. McBrien interprets a 4 hour meeting with Hans Kung with agreement and endorsement of his views. No one ever suggested that the Holy Father stop going after the lost sheep, even Hans Kung.

And since Fr. McBrien is wrong on abortion, homosexuality, the foundation of the Church, women priests we can safely say that he is wrong on this score as well. Fr. McBrien, Professor of Theology at Notre Dame University has a lot of support from people in this country. But they're not Catholics.

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Stephen said...

Well said!!