Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Society of St John, Suppressed in Scranton; Opens Shop in Paraguay

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It's later now and here is another article on the Society of St. John that was officially suppressed by the Diocese of Scranton Pennsylvania due to charges of sex abuse by two of the leading priests: Fr. Ensey and Fr. Urrugoity.

Here is their official website. None of the pdf files worked for me. They may have disabled them because of the breaking news articles. Mainly they want donations through paypal- can you say "desperation"?

And a letter from Dr. Jeffrey Bond who has been trying to expose the problems with the Society for years before the civil suit was filed and settled for $400,000 but the attorney for the priests accused wishes to emphasize that this settlement was not an admission of guilt. Of course not.

Shuffling priests with who are "personnel problems" to South America is not a new phenomenon. Fr. Donald Bowman formerly of St. Mary's in Norton, MA joined the St. James the Apostle Society to minister in Bolivia. His story which ended with a criminal conviction and prison sentence stemming from his abuse of a young girl can be read here.

And in a striking coincidence, Fr. Thomas Oates, formerly the Assistant Personnel Director in the Archdiocese of Boston who was involved in reassigning two abusive priests Fr. Geoghan and Fr. Forry has also joined the Society of St. James the Apostle. You can see two documents from the investigation here and here.

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Sportin' Life said...

Also in 2004, the society defaulted on a mortgage loan held by the diocese and was the subject of a civil lawsuit by the parents of a youth who was allegedly molested. The society’s property on Route 424 in Shohola had to be sold, costing the diocese several million dollars.

It seems they put themselves out of business because they couldn't keep their hands off children.