Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Holy Trinity - Trying to Hang On

The blog Rorate Caeli does a good job here of illustrating why the closing of Holy Trinity Church in Boston is such a bitter pill to swallow. Holy Trinity is the site of the only Indult Mass in the Diocese of Boston and has had several dates for closure but the dates have been extended without explanation several times. Possibly to allow the social service groups that use the parish to relocate.

While the Indult will be moved to St. James, this site is less than ideal because there is no parking and parishoners will be forced to pay for parking while they attend Mass. Not very pastoral in my opinion. St. James is also the Church that was receiving funds from Holy Trinity collections unbeknownst to the parishoners. Apparently Holy Trinity can support itself while St. James can't so the solution is.... close Holy Trinity and keep St. James open. Can real estate property values play a role here? Nahhhhh.

But I think what is getting ignored is the incredible architectural beauty of Holy Trinity and its symbolic value to Boston and to the world.

Mike from In Illo Tempore has some updates here.


David L Alexander said...

You know, it's about time you old fuddy-duddies (as well as the young ones) stopped behaving and started doing what works -- throwing a tantrum. Think of how it worked for the gang at Saint Al's. After the last Mass, simply refuse to leave. Keep at least a few people there, praying the Rosary continuously, until the other shoe drops. Meanwhile, those of us form out of town will deluge Cardinal Sean with letters, reminding him of what the word "double standard" means.

He has the right to close the parish, but not to be a jerk.

Tradcatholic said...

Well now...isn't Bp Lennon right on the ball...when he writes to those requesting a TLM parish he replies (finally):

"...I note that your letter regards Holy Trinity Parish in Boston and specifically your request that the Archbishop invite either the Fraternity of Saints Peter and Paul or the Institute of Christ the King to come to the Archdiocese of Boston to service the Tridentine Community..."

Is the 'society of St. Peter and Paul' a cross between the FSSP and the SSPX? Now we know the REAL problem: the bishop is not mean, he is IGNORANT. The hierarchy may not read Latin, but can they really read English?? How does one deal with this???